Our Projekt

The first aim of the project is to provide the young a kind of lifestyle, which is in contrast to the globalization of the facebook era and the fast-food or junk- food movement.  When an increasing number of technical equipment provides us higher living standards, on the other side, it seems there is less and less time available to lead a healthy, happy, sustainable, and environmentally friendly life. Young people should have the opportunity to convert it to an active lifestyle, and to try out and experience it in their own world and their own lives.

The partnership with various regional schools permits to exchange knowledge and experience through a variety of tasks during the project work. Besides the aspects of a balanced (sustainable) diet, the ecological and economic responsibility, (Fair trade products) the focus is on the management of leisure time, slowing down and doing exercise.

In a joint publication, “cooking shows” and other products (posters, pictures, blogs, workout – fitness programs, spending free time actively, leisure-map around schools etc) contribute to a stronger identification with the project work.

In this way the schools contribute, in many respects, particularly to the awareness of our body and therefore to health care.

Student exchange and cooperation is realized continuously throughout the duration of the project. Project meetings deepen the personal cooperation.

Continuous communication, constant active participation of all partners in all tasks of the project, its integration into the curriculum and the permanent evaluation of the order of tasks guarantee the realization of the project.


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