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It’s time to make a projekt-meeting!

It begins on the 5th of May. We meet in Germany, the program for the meeting You can find under “Documents

On the 17th of May arrive the pupils from Kusel at Zalaegerszeg, Their program You can read under “Documents

Have a healthy snack!


Health Day on 24th April 2014 in Báthory



GET THE MOVES and enjoy the fun and joy of movement with Kata Gáspár!

Basic Latin dance lesson from 12.30 in the Báthory gym.

Put on gym pants, sports shoes and a Páterdombi School T-shirt!

Have a healthy snack!

Fresh snacks and juices – rich in vitamin from 12.00 in front of the school buffet.

Photos are in the Gallery!

Das “Kräutergartenprojekt” in der Báthory

Lehrerin Eszter zeigt gutes Beispiel

Lehrerin Eszter zeigt gutes Beispiel

Unser “Kräutergartenprojekt” fängt an… Heute haben wir die ersten Schritte gemacht, wir haben gegraben. Wie die Arbeiten laufen werden, werden wir Euch darüber immer berichten. Heute zeigen wir das erste Foto. Frau Czéman zeigte uns ein gutes Beispiel, dass die Arbeit im Garten auch Spaß machen kann!

Es geht langsam looos!!

Unter dem unten liegenden Link könnt Ihr euch schon  kennen lernen. Hier der Link zu unserer geschlossenen Facebook-Gruppe:

Comenius-day for Everyone


April 3rd was the Comenius-Day in our school. It was the day of health and fitness.

Our students and teachers could take part in a lot of excellent and exciting programmes

where they learnt a lot about how to keep healthy and fit.

Many of the girls tried  Zumba Dancing with Gáspár Kata, who arrived from the  XXL Fitness and Wellness Centre of our town.

Hencz Gábor’s Crossfit training was very popular among the boys. Gábor spoke about the origin of this sport, which came from the USA and was established by Greg Glassman. Our boys needed concentration, power and persistence to do this complex exercise.

The ones who did not feel like doing this training could play football in the school yard. There were exciting matches among the classes.

It was the day of opening our brand new gym. It can be used during  P.E. lessons as well. The students were enthusiastic when they tried the different sports equipment.

Doing sports is not enough to be healthy. It is also pretty important what we eat. We could get useful tips and information about preparing healthy dishes from Tóth Endre, a famous chef of our area. He showed us how to cook something delicious quickly from traditional ingredients like chicken breast, cheese, vegetables and milet.

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